Road Cycling
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Road cycling: the main activity of cycling sports

Road cycling is the most popular and most followed genre among cycling competitions, and its birth dates back to the second half of the 800 with the first ever race organized in Paris by Vélo Club Parisien.
 In Italy the first competition was an international competition organized in 1870 on the Florence-Pistoia route, about 35 kilometers long, and since 1927 the world championships have been held.

Romagna is a land that offers beautiful routes for cyclists, ranging from the coast to the magnificent hinterland, a real paradise for lovers of road cycling, with routes suitable for various athletic preparations and where countless tracks of varying length, difficulty and slope are an ideal gym for all legs.

Exciting and performing circuits

The Grand Hotel Terme della Fratta is located between the hills and the sea, where the green and the blue of the landscape merge, in an area that offers the possibility to travel through exciting, well-known circuits.

In fact, many cyclists in all seasons of the year come from Italy and Europe to Bertinoro, the ideal starting point for fantastic rides to the hinterland, where even the great Marco Pantani used to train, the champion who has become a legend of the sport.

Lovers of competitive routes can put themselves to the test and have fun along stretches of the “Nove Colli”, the Granfondo of the most famous cycle touring in Europe, and live a unique emotion.

As soon as you cross the gate of the Grand Hotel Terme della Fratta, the slopes of the first romagnole hills start, while on the left there is plain all the way to the sea, and along all these varied routes you can admire the breathtaking views of Bertinoro, Meldola, Castrocaro, Terra del Sole, Monte Paolo, Santa Sofia, Longiano, Montiano and the Ridracoli Dam.

SPAS and Gastronomy

Another reason why so many choose to tackle these itineraries is the strong food and wine connotation and the proverbial hospitality of Romagna, a land that is synonymous with wine culture and good food.

Whether you are a professional cyclist or you have just started pedaling, at the Grand Hotel Terme della Fratta you can indulge in the wellbeing of the thermal waters choosing one of the paths of the Grand Hotel Terme della Fratta and taste our genuine and seasonal products, which we serve in our delicious “Little restaurant”.


The Legendary “Nove Colli” is one of the most prestigious races of international cycling.



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