Mountain Bike
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Mountain biking if you love poetry and adventure

If you love to get dirty with mud, contact with nature and adventure, mountain biking is for you.
With this special bike, specially designed for off-road cycling, you can travel on steep and rough terrain, cross rivers, unpaved roads and explore landscapes difficult to reach by other means of transport.
Riding a mountain bike, the legendary bicycle born in the late 60s in the United States, is the desire for adrenaline and freedom, is the thrill of discovering little beaten paths, is getting lost in the green of a forest and try new challenges.
Mountain biking is poetry and adventure at the same time, you go anywhere and the effort is repaid with the pleasure of destinations accessible to a few; if you are looking for an adventurous sport, where you can try your hand in steep, rough and steep paths, where adrenaline is your partner but at the same time you can stop to feel the silence of the surrounding nature, mountain biking is the sport for you.
To try your hand at rough terrain and routes you need a minimum of training, also in light of the fact that the universe of “fat wheels” allows you to do a great job of muscle strengthening and go out all year, even in cold temperatures.

For professionals and not

It is designed specifically for bikers and professional cyclists, but also for those who have recently approached the sport or want to start living it. If you do not have your bike with you, you can rent it from us, and take advantage of professional guides that will lead you to explore new and adventurous trails.
We are located in an area where the hill and the sea merge, which offers the great opportunity to pedal on impetuous and exciting ups and downs, different from each other but always fascinating and evocative.
A few kilometers from the Adriatic Sea, in the hinterland of Forlì and Cesena, stretch intricate and wonderful paths and characteristic villages such as Bertinoro, Meldola, Castrocaro, Terra del Sole, Monte Paolo, Santa Sofia, Longiano, Montiano, the Ridracoli Dam, all places to travel and discover by mountain bike; also located on the path is the Nove Colli, the famous race “queen” of the granfondo ones.

The itineraries

The itineraries that we offer are suitable for all types of bikers, and during the chosen route you can find several refreshment points where you can stop to taste the local specialties in small restaurants, shelters and kiosks where you can taste the famous “Piadina Romagnola” made on the spot.
After a day spent pedaling, you can rest your legs and take advantage of the services offered by the Grand Hotel Terme della Fratta: relax with one of our wellness programs in the thermal waters, or untangle the tired muscles with a sauna or Turkish bath and have dinner in our restaurant enjoying a refined cuisine linked to local products.
At the Grand Hotel Terme della Fratta your mountain bike holiday is full of adventure, relaxation, good food and new trails to get to know.

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