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E-bike for everyone

The e-bikes are bicycles of the latest generation equipped with pedal assistance, which means an electric motor that assists the ride.
The key feature of the e-bikes is the fact that the bike’s engine is activated only when pedaling, providing help to the cyclist, especially when restarting and climbing.
One of the many advantages of this special bike is that, thanks to the electric help, you can travel more kilometers and reach places otherwise difficult to access; that’s why the e-bike is for everyone, whether you’re old, young, trained or neophyte, you can find an ideal means of transport and leisure in the pedal assisted bicycle.

Say goodbye to fatigue and stay fit

The e-bikes allow you to rediscover the joy of riding and moving in contact with nature and if you have little time to train, or suffer from diseases incompatible with intense efforts, you are no longer forced to give up the pleasure of a nice trip.
With the pedal assisted bike you open the doors to the fun, say goodbye to fatigue and stay in shape, the e-bikes have in common all the health benefits that muscle bikes have; thanks to a less intense but more constant effort, electric bicycles are the ideal way to do physical activity in a gradual, more constant and non-stressful way for the joints.

Nature and good food

The Grand Hotel Terme della Fratta is located in an enchanting place and ideal for your excursions in e-bike, which offers the possibility to explore suggestive and different itineraries. We are in fact a few kilometers from the Adriatic Sea, in the hinterland of Forlì and Cesena, where there are wonderful trails in contact with nature and the beauties of the territory.
You can choose to have a holiday full of good food, including tastings and agritourisms, or explore the hills and landscapes of the city, where you can visit ancient and characteristic villages such as Bertinoro, Meldola, Castrocaro, Terra del Sole, Monte Paolo, Santa Sofia, Longiano, Montiano and the Ridracoli Dam.

The itineraries proposed by the Grand Hotel Terme della Fratta are suitable for everyone and selected according to the attitudes of every participant, we also offer an e-bike rental service and battery recharge of the same, as well as specialized guides that will accompany you on fun and relaxing excursions.
After a day dedicated to fun and relaxation in the saddle of your pedal assisted bike, you can enjoy an excellent dinner based on genuine and seasonal products in our elegant restaurant, and choose one of the many wellness packages with thermal waters of the Grand Hotel Terme della Fratta.

At the Grand Hotel Terme della Fratta your holiday in e-bike becomes an experience full of fun, relaxation, good food, nature and discovery of unusual places and routes.

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