The Territory

The area around the Grand Hotel Terme della Fratta is rich in itineraries, medieval villages and food and wine culture, to make your cycling holiday unforgettable and adventurous.

Bertinoro is a typical medieval village located in the heart of Romagna, on the slopes of the first hills of the “Appennino forlivese”, and dominates a picturesque landscape whose view extends to the sea. Worthy of note is its fortress, built around the year one thousand, which was for a long time the beating heart of the country, as well as a noble residence for important names in Italian history such as the Sforza and the Borgias. Now it is home to the Interreligious Museum of Sacred Art and the University Center of Bertinoro, managed by the University of Bologna. This beautiful village is also famous for its wines and its gastronomy, Bertinoro is in fact also known as “City of wine”, thanks to the many wineries that can be visited and which are part of the “Wine and Flavors road of Forlì-Cesena”, where you can taste the wines typical of the territory such as the Albana, the Sangiovese, the Cagnina and the Pagadebit. The area is surrounded by hectares of vines and numerous wineries, which open to the public for visits and tastings.

Nearby is the Grand Hotel Terme della Fratta, with its spa known since Roman times for its ancient therapeutic sources. Thirteen hectares of park, seven springs rich in precious mineral salts, sources that can be found in the walks among the green, life paths, and then again mud and baths with thermal waters make the Grand Hotel Terme della Fratta an ideal place to relax and rest legs after a nice ride or walk. To continue the fun and adventure, the spa has hosted for some years “Indiana Park”, the largest out-door adventure park in Italy, with air routes, acrobatic routes and attractions for young and old alike.

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At the Indiana Park you will find fantastic aerial routes and acrobatic itineraries, with steps between the trees at varying heights, made using ropes, nets, walkways, cableways, bridges and a thousand other instruments.

If you want to fill up with adrenaline not far from us you will find Mirabilandia, one of the biggest amusement parks in Italy.

An additional reason to visit and plan your cycling holiday at Grand Hotel Terme della Fratta is undoubtedly the renowned cuisine of Romagna, rich in dishes created by the hands of the so called “sfogline”, women attentive to the traditions; and in the many kiosks that you meet during the excursions you can’t help but stop and taste the famous “piadina”.

The evocative medieval towns of Verrucchio, San Leo, Brisighella, Meldola, Castrocaro, Terra del Sole, Monte Paolo, Santa Sofia, Longiano, Montiano, the guided tours in city bikes and e-bikes, walks, tennis courts, gymnasium, Nordic walking, running courses, make theGrand Hotel Terme della Fratta the ideal destination for bicycle lovers, but not only, the guides can also choose from many different activities without running the risk of getting bored.

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