Granfondo Terre del Sangiovese MTB

When: Bertinoro (FC)

The Granfondo takes place on a completely marked mixed-hill route of about 43 km and 1250 m in altitude.

The route touches the most characteristic places of the Bertinoro’s Hills, in an environment of particular importance. Anyone who does not comply with the regulations will be immediately disqualified, with the exception of further consequences; the test takes place in the area of ​​naturalistic protection and damage to the state or private property is not allowed.

The race course will be announced in the weeks before the event and it will be the athletes’ responsibility to try it out to realize their technical skills to face it in total safety.Points deemed dangerous are descended techniques, fast descents, technical curves, will be reported with appropriate clearly identifiable signs. The event will be followed by a trail bike and motorbike or broom service bike. The competition will take place partly on roads open to public transit.

It is a duty of all to respect the rules of the Road Code, also respecting the rules provided by the F.C.I. in the field. Refueling of athletes is allowed in areas reported as refreshment.


7 july 2019

Route Length


43 km

Difference in level 1.250 m