Granfondo Nove Colli

Where: Cesenatico (FC)

When it comes to Gran Fondo cycling, the undisputed queen is undoubtedly the legendary Nove Colli, which every year sees thousands of participants challenge each other “a tutta”, as they say in cycling jargon, riding their bikes.

The famous cycling race has come down to us thanks to the friendship and passion for this sport of a group of friends who, on May 9th 1971, at five in the morning, leave from the Bar del Corso in Cesenatico, the usual meeting point of the A.D. Fausto Coppi, for a long ride. What seemed like an appointment like many has been transformed, in a few years, into a piece of amateur cycling history.

On the day of the event, thousands of cyclists will meet at the port of Cesenatico, where they start at full speed for 28 kilometers of waiting before turning to Bertinoro and begin the climb.

The first is that of Polenta, then the easier Pieve di Rivoschio and then the long climb of Ciola. Then you go to the other side of the hill in corrispondence of the legendary and “infamous” Barbotto, with slopes that reach 18%.

For the middle – distance athletes the fatigue ends here, for the others we are only half way: Monte Tiffi, Perticara and the 511 meters of altitude of Monte Pugliano bring the granfondisti back to Cesenatico, where you arrive after sweating on the Passo delle Siepi and on the short but fearful climb of Gorolo, whose 17% wall is cause of fatigue, sweat and commitment.

Polenta, Pieve di Rivoschio, Ciola, Barbotto, Tiffi, Perticara, Monte Pugliano, Passo delle Siepi and Colle Gorolo, these are the places that together make the Nove Colli, one of the toughest and most fascinating Granfondo.

A path that has changed very little over the years and is still able to excite! At Nove Colli participate cyclists and enthusiasts from over 50 countries in the world who arrive in Romagna from Peru from Australia, from South Africa from the United States, through Germany, Cuba, Russia and Japan, all united by the boundless passion for cycling and desire to ride on the oldest, celebrated and beloved Grand Fondo d’Italia.

As we have seen, the race is divided into two tracks of different difficulty.

205 km – difference in level 3840 m.

Suitable for granfondisti:

Polenta – Km. 37 – Pieve di Rivoschio – Km. 65 – Ciola – Km. 76 – Barbotto – Km. 91.1 – Monte Tiffi – Km. 112.8 – Perticara – Km. 121.8 – Monte Pugliano – Km. 141.50 – Passo delle Siepi – Km. 156 – Gorolo – Km. 176.4.

130 km – difference in level 1871 m.

suitable for cyclists of all ages but paying close attention to athletic training:

Polenta – Km. 37 – Pieve di Rivoschio – Km. 65 – Ciola – Km. 76 – Barbotto – Km. 91,1

The Nove Colli is a race that puts to the test any athlete, even the most prepared, but undoubtedly offers unforgettable emotions!


19 May 2019 – 49th edition

Route Length

Route for Experts

205 km

Difference in level 3840 m

Route for Less Experts

130 km

Difference in level 1871 m