Fondo del Capitano

Where: Bagno di Romagna (FC)

Bagno di Romagna, the famous spa town of the Romagna Apennines and the capital of cycling, welcomes this Granfondo, now a classic since the race has been held for the last seven years. Granfondo is open to all cyclists and offers two routes rich in history, sport, nature and hospitality. The departure is scheduled for 8:00, with the “pasta party” at noon at the “Parco dell’Idropinica”, set up by chef Paolo Teverini.

Two paths, straddling hermitages and mule tracks, in a series of ups and downs that allows riders to discover the splendid landscapes of the Tuscan-Romagnolo Apennines. During the weekend, excursions on foot or by mountain bike will be organized for accompanying parties, with breaks dedicated to good food and well-being. Children, on the other hand, can venture along the “Path of the Gnomes”, with the support of guides.

On the “Fumaiolo” traces (MTB)

Where: Balze (FC), juillet

Sports and lush vegetation are the absolute protagonists of this Granfondo, an opportunity for all mountain bikers to try their hand at a 40 km route, through breathtaking landscapes and views of Mount Fumaiolo, a fascinating mountain terrain that offers visitors and cycling enthusiasts unique and enchanting sites. Surrounded by the silence of nature, over 170 km of trails to be covered on foot and by mountain bike, which reach famous destinations such as the Tiber, the Savio and the springs of Marecchia, the Alfero waterfalls, the former monastery of Cella, the ‘Eremo di Sant’Alberico, up to the wide panoramic views from which visitors can admire the Sibillini Mountains.


9 June 2019 – 10° edition

Route Length

Gran Fondo Route

140 km

Difference in level 3.100 m

Medium Route

75 km

Difference in level 1.700 m