Granfondo Davide Cassani

Where: Faenza (RA)

GF Davide Cassani is a classic in the world of amateur Granfondo, this year celebrating his 24th birthday. The competition was originally created with the aim of promoting and developing the passion for cycling in young motorcyclists, especially among children and those in the “very young” category. Over time, the competition has involved all cycling fans and, in fact, the race hosts hundreds of participants from all over Europe. The Granfondo offers two routes starting at 9:30 and arriving in Faenza: the 120 km Granfondo with a difference in altitude of 2,211 meters and a medium / medium distance distance of 85 km with a difference in altitude of 1,533 meters.

This is the itinerary of the race: Departure from Piazza del Popolo in Faenza, in the direction of Modigliana. The road is beautiful, sufficiently wide and without particular difficulties. About 2 km from Modigliana, the two routes diverge: the Gran Fondo turns left and heads towards Monte Chioda; the medium distance route continues towards Modigliana, following the western “ring road” to reach Tredozio.

The finish line awaits in the beautiful Piazza del Popolo, in the center of Faenza. The Davide Cassani Granfondo is part of the Romagna Challenge, born with the aim of enhancing the Granfondo races in Romagna.


17 March 2019 – 25th edition

Route Length

Long Route

120 km

Short Route

85 km