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km: 95,7

Height difference: 1710 mt


Grand Hotel Terme della Fratta

Gpx file of the route is available upon request for Grand Hotel Terme della Fratta hotel guests


Fratta – Bertinoro – Cesena- Longiano – Sorrivoli- Monteleone – Sogliano al Rubicone – Santa Maria Riopetra – Bivio Montegelli – Lizzano – Bertinoro – Fratta

Fratta – Rocche Fortresses

The surroundings of Cesena are dotted with hills not very high but strategically positioned for the vision and control of the cesenate territory from the sea to the Apennines. For this reason, in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, the Lordship of the Malatesta, which here has long dominated, has placed on the hills around Cesena, a fortress, or a castle, or a sighting bastion. The route connects these historical testimonies that mark a route that is not long but very nervous for the slopes close to each other, short but sometimes very steep. Among the small and silent roads near Cesena, the alternation of hills, fortresses and landscapes will repay every effort, surprising both the eyes and the leg!

Training tips

A nervous and demanding itinerary, where several steep, “leg-breaking” climbs test the muscular power and the ability to recover. The downhills, in fact, will not allow, for their brevity, the full recovery from the previous effort. An advanced training course, ideal for the finishing touch towards the last stage of preparation.

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Points of interests: Bertinoro – Cesena, la Biblioteca Malatestiana – La piadina romagnola – Longiano – Sorrivoli – Monteleone – Sogliano al Rubicone e il Formaggio di Fossa

Slopes: Monteleone – Sogliano al Rubicone